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I created this personal movie after I discovered that I own a copy of --- Windows Movie Maker---And was testing it out . I discovered not only how to do this but that it is a really neat little program when one wants to take alot of pictures and make them into what resembles a movie or animation of your family vacation WMM gives you the ability to create something that fades in and out into the next picture. I was thrilled because you can add music and the program itself allows you to add captions too. The song by Shania Twain was selected because it was the first song I came too.... Oddly enough as it turns out, it was appropriate, for my husband who retired after working for about 50 gazillion years and now gets to go to the beach whenever he wants. It is only up from here...well it is for him.

I am not ready to retire , and hubby says I probably never will. Anyway I am not old enough quite yet ( ahem ) But I get to go every summer to South Padre and this is where this is and it is awesome!